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Invert Pro Responsive Premium Blogger Template

Hello Guys Today in this post am sharing a very popular and demanding premium blogger template Invert Pro , Yes In this post I have Shared Invert Pro Premium theme free for you, 

Theme Credits

Author : Arlina 
Author Site: idntheme.com
Theme Name: Invert Pro
Invert Pro Premium Blogger Template Free Download


Invert Pro Responsive Blogger Template v2.0 is a premium template I’ll share this time. This Invert Pro template supports responsive display, SEO Friendly, and many other features for optimising your blog as support elements. Invert Pro Responsive Blogger Template Free Download 2.0

Fonts Used In Invert Pro Template

Invert Pro blogger template uses trendy fonts provided by Google and you can also change these fonts according to your requirements if you wish and if you need to edit this template to adjust the fonts of this template learn the documentation or feedback what you want to do so that I can serve you to edit or transform your font according to your requirement.


It would be laborious for you to edit Invert Pro blogger template if I will not hand over the documentation of this blogger template that's why for your calmness and to recognize how to add other functionalities in this blogger template and how this blogger template works. I have created a complete documentation which you can learn and it will help you in any case of error or in any case of dispute that you face in Invert Pro blogger template.

Understanding the documentation of Invert Pro blogger template is not very much painful because I have followed the basis that is calmly understood by every person who have or not have good grip on English Language by the way you can also translate the documentation into your native language if you have google translate extension installed in your browser.

As Of its Premium Template , The Documentation will be given in Author's site itself , althrough, We included those points in zip file.


Today Google ranks that website which is user friendly and responsive to every device on which that website is viewed taking this measure in genius Invert Pro blogger template is initiated and this blogger template is responsive to all devices you can also check the responsiveness of Invert Pro blogger template by clicking the demo button hand over down.

Google Testing Tool ValidatorYes
SEO FriendlyYes
Mobile FriendlyYes
404 pageYes
Loading SpeedYes
Featured PostYes
Auto Read More With ThumbnailYes
Ads ReadyYes
Responsive FooterYes
Recent Post SliderYes
Social Follow ButtonYes
Ads ReadyYes
Multi Dropdown MenuYes
Search WidgetYes
Tabbed SidebarYes
Related Posts with ThumbnailYes
Social Share ButtonYes
Email Newsletter WidgetYes
Recent Post WidgetYes
Detailed DocumentationYes
Responsive Menu and LayoutYes
Responsive Download ButtonsYes

Premium Features:

  1. Remove Footer Credits
  2. Free Download
  3. No Encrypted Scripts
  4. Lifetime Premium Support
  5. For Unlimited Domains
  6. Do not accept Updates
  7. And Much More..

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