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Top 5 Keyword Research Tools For Free ?

Hello Everyone, In This Post I Will Share Top 5 Keyword Research Tools For Free. When writing articles, every blogger aims to deliver the maximum possible results. From all aspects starting from the quality of the material and many other aspects.

The average blogger doesn't understand or even know about keyword research at all. In this post I have explained everything in great detail, so please read this post till the end.

What is Keyword Research ?

Keyword research is a process where you determine which keywords are suitable for creating articles on a blog/website. The purpose of doing this keyword research is to find out what keywords users type in to find information.

You can do keyword research for various search engines starting with Google, Bing, Yandex, and various other search engines. However, for this article we will focus on Google keyword research.

This keyword research is a process where you must find the right target keywords for your article. It is closely related to the search intent (search target).

We believe the process is correct and appropriate, so is it that easy to go directly to the first page of a Google search for your article? Not necessary. This is related to how much competition you have with the keywords you are targeting.

Why is Important Keyword Research ?

This keyword research determines the fate of the articles you create when you enter the competition in search engines. Don't let it take you time and energy to create an article, but don't get results consistent with it.

When you know the target keyword, you can determine what type of article is for that target keyword. In this keyword research, you can also see the estimated visitors and competition for a keyword.

It is very likely that when you skip keyword research you will target the wrong keywords. For example, if you target the keyword "blogger tips", you can be sure that it will be too difficult or maybe not be able to compete in that keyword.

For example, your article has entered the first page of Google Search. However, the article's ranking does not give your blog a visitor impact. This is because the keyword you type does not have search volume or it can be said that no one has typed the keyword in the search engine.

So what should you pay attention to so that you do not experience the phenomenon described above? Here are some things to consider in the keyword research process. So please read it till the end.

Top Things to Consider in keyword Research :

Here are some general points that you should pay attention to when choosing keywords.

1. Search Volume :

The first thing you should pay attention to is the search volume. It means how many times a keyword is searched in a given time. In general, various existing tools will display the search volume of a keyword for a month.

2. Keyword Difficulty :

The second point of this is keyword difficulty. It means the level of difficulty in keyword competition in search engines. The higher the nominal, the harder it is for you to compete in these keywords.

Typically in keyword research tools, the level of difficulty will be described with numbers 1-100. For those of you who have a blog or website that tends to be buggy with authority, never target keywords with a high level of difficulty.

3. Keyword Suggestion :

This third thing is keyword suggestions. This point will show which keywords are still related to your target keyword. Typically keyword suggestions will be long tail keywords.

This long tail keyword must contain at least three or more words. You can add these related keywords to your article title. The use of long tail keywords has the potential to attract more visitors.

But you not only put it in the title but also put the keyword suggestion first in your article. This will definitely affect how high your article ranks in relevant keywords.

4. Search Engine Result Page (SERP) :

The last point is the SERP. This means that you see and analyze what articles or pages can enter the first page of Google for your target keywords.

Top 5 Best Free Keyword Research Tool :

If you already understand about keyword research methods, then it is time for you to know the best tools or tools that you can use to do keyword research for free.

1. UberSuggest :

UberSuggest ranks first as the best free tool for doing keyword research. This website has been created by Neil Patel. You can use this tool absolutely free, but it also has a premium version in which you will get many features.

It is also very easy to use, all you have to do is type your target keywords and choose your target country. After that you can hit the search button and you will get the result immediately.

2. Google Keyword Planner :-

The second best free tool is Google's own tool, which is named Google Keyword Planner. This tool is commonly used by people who want to place Google ads on certain keywords. But you can also use this tool to do keyword research for SEO purposes and not for paid search.

By using Google Keyword Planner, you will definitely get to know the estimation from monthly search volume to the difficulty level of keywords.

You just need to create a new campaign in Google Ads, after that you can use this tool immediately without any restrictions.

3. Google Trends :

In third place is Google's own tool, Google Trends. You can access these tools for free without any time or use. For each country, their respective settings are provided, you can select your country by clicking on the activate link in the subtitle.

When using Google Trends you will get data about the trend movement graph of a keyword. You can view this graph on a fixed time period basis ranging from one hour to last five years.

4. Ahrefs :

The Ahrefs occupies the fourth rank of the best free keyword research tools. These tools are well known by many SEO practitioners. Ahrefs will provide the latest data about your target keywords in a very comprehensive manner, making it easy for you.

With the benefits offered, your free access will be limited when using Ahrefs. If you have reached the specified limit, you will no longer be able to do keyword research with Ahrefs. To be able to use Ahrefs services again you need to wait the next day or buy a paid package for 99$.

5. SEMRush :

The last rank is occupied by SEMrush. These devices are basically no less than other top-ranked devices. Each of them has its advantages, but also disadvantages.

There is a limit when you use SEMrush, which is a maximum of 10 times in a 24-hour period. And after that you cannot use this SEMrush.

Plus if you use the free version you won't be able to see which keywords are suggested. To be able to access this keyword suggestion it is necessary to purchase the premium version.

Conclusion :

The Keyword research that is good and correct will give consistent results at the end of the article. Not limited to just the title of the keyword, but also placed in the content of the article with good intensity.

With regard to the given tools, you can choose according to your needs and of course your respective budget. There is no harm in buying a paid package given to those who have more needs and budget.

In this post I have shared tutorial on Top 5 Keyword Research Tools. I hope this Post can be useful for all Professional and Beginners Bloggers. Thank you for visiting our website.

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