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[SHARE] Median UI v1.6 Responsive Blogger Template

Median UI v1.6 Responsive Blogger Template

Median UI is designed with dashboard UI interface, the template is recommended to be used more on news blogs, simpler design but high readability is a plus point of this template.

Median UI v1.6 Responsive Blogger Template is a new Template with a simple design that is not too picky but still has a high aesthetic. In particular, this template is also responsive and SEO optimized to help you put your Blog to a high position in Google Search. Besides, this Teamplate has high definition design to build different topics like technology, tutorials, information and especially Personal Blog. On the other hand, in V1.6, the error of Thumbnail images has been fixed because Blogspot changed the image link.

Median UI v1.6

Median UI V1.6 fully meets the following criteria: Responsive, search engine optimization, 404 pages, social widgets, social share buttons and many more.

Template Details

Name: Median UI v1.6 Responsive Blogger Template

Current version: v1.6

Layout: Responsive

Free Version: Available

Premium Version: $15

Designed by: Jago Desain

Image of Template Median UI v1.6

Features of Template Median UI v1.6 and Median UI v1.6 AMP

  • Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
  • Fast Loading
  • Schema Ready
  • SEO Friendly
  • Adsense Ready
  • Night Mode
  • Sticky Widget
  • Featured Post Widget
  • Reaction Buttons
  • Related Posts
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Well Documentation

Upgrades from v1.5

  • The menu on the Desktop automatically collapses to increase the website usable area.
  • The font size is made larger, not as small as before, the default font color is also darker.
  • The article sharing section is made more beautiful and professional than before.
  • The footer menu on mobile is added text instead of just an icon as before so that users can distinguish the tasks.
  • The comment section is still in the form of a popup but is adjusted to the middle, which looks nicer and more convenient than the right margin like the old version.
  • Automatically display Description below the title, like an article summary.
  • Slider Image can still be edited directly from the Admin Panel, but it is visually separated, not all in one like the previous version.
  • Table of content (table of contents) is more prominent to stimulate users to use. However, the layout is not beautiful and reasonable. Specifically, it looks uglier and the subfolders split into i, ii, iii... look silly.
  • The code has been completely renewed, which means that if your article is applying the code in the old version, it will not be able to display in this 1.6 version. Must edit and edit each post if you want to upgrade.
  • The upgraded search interface makes the full page bigger, looks very nice and displays many search results.
  • Uncheck the Grid and List display on the homepage, which will probably only make it beautiful and code-heavy, but no visitors will use it.
  • Code site map is changed to menu format.
  • The section related posts (Related Posts) is more beautiful, adding numbering.
  • Especially in this update, a huge bug has been fixed that many websites have, that is, the display of images in related articles is blurred. The author has added this autocorrect code, the user doesn't need to do anything extra.

How to get Template Median UI V1.6 and Median UI v1.6 AMP

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