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LiteG - Light & Minimal Blogger Template

LiteG is clean and responsive blogger template thanks to the items we've discussed, Many blogger template sites disregard more time-consuming tasks like regular website maintenance and security checks, which can assist improve page load times and overall site quality. Overall, increasing page speed may boost the number of search traffic that involves your site and therefore the chance that that traffic converts to paying consumers. one in every of the foremost essential success aspects is that the speed of your pages. Furthermore, poor page loading rates imply that search engines can only scan a particular number of pages with their allocated crawl budget, thereby affecting your indexing.
Features :- this technique will provide you with a score of 100 supported different page performance factors known to cause delayed loading. The tool will tell you exactly how long it takes for your blogger template site to load at different connection speeds. within the speed tester, all requests from your sites are presented as a waterfall. This data allows you to instantly analyze the speed of your site, and tracking it over time may be a straightforward thanks to measure performance gains or losses.

Fast & Responsive :

- When problems arise on your site, it can assist you in seeing trends and problems, making it easier to locate the reason for the matter. By choosing Analyze, you'll now see all of those fantastic tips about a way to improve website speed in your browser and on the identical page. Improving your blogger template site's page speed not only helps consumers convert, but it's going to even have an enormous impact on search rankings.

SEO Optimized :

- This can be an honest thanks to improve the loading speed of tourists who have already visited your blogger template site. The browser caches plenty of data when a visitor returns to your site. (style sheets, pictures, JavaScript files, and so on), therefore the browser doesn't should refresh the entire page. It enables you to understand portions of a web site that take an extended time to load.

Proper documentation:

- LiteG has the foremost detailed documentation. Everything from scratch is roofed within the documentation. All of the LiteG details are explained within the documentation. Support


- Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and that we push to attain it. We are always there to assist our customers. LiteG is fully supported by us. Premium users can easily contact us via Whatsapp and email for assistance with any issues.

By : Techplus
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